Artist Profile

Comic Book Creator and Freelance Cartoonist

Published Works

* RUMI-NATION (2005-2005)
* THE FIFTY-PESO NINJA (2007-2007) Topak! Magazine
* Illustration for the book The Assault on Reality: A Field Manual for The Strange Psyche
by Domus Kaotica and Marauder Underground
* Art contributor for Philippine-based online magazine Mysterium


* THE FIFTY-PESO NINJA (2006-present)
* SLIMIES (2009-present)

Online Gallery


Cellphone #: 09323587223

Questions and Answers regarding my art

1. Why do you like to draw in monochrome?

I like to draw in pure black and white because two of my major influences in art are Arnold Arre and Stan Sakai. Despite the lack of colors and gray tones in their works, they look stunning. I especially like Stan Sakai’s art because it’s simple yet elegant to look at. I want to develop an art style like that. Although the artwork is important, I believe that the story is much more important when it comes to comics. I honestly believe that good content always beats outward design.

2. What are your inspirations as an artist?

I have many influences but the artists and writers who influenced me the most are Stan Sakai, Pol Medina Jr, Arnold Arre, HP Lovecraft, Austin Osman Spare, Shotaro Ishinomori, Matt Wagner, Steve Ditko, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, Leiji Matsumoto and Mike Mignola. They inspire me. Things that inspire me are magic, the paranormal, martial arts, absurdist humor, surrealism, the counter culture, mythology, legends and folklore. Every now and then, I’d meet an interesting person who could be a new character and experience an interesting that could be a new storyline. I’d like to think that life is a comic book and we are the authors of our own lives. It’s up to us to decide how it goes and how it ends. That’s why I think life is the most powerful source of inspiration of all. Well, either that or love. Take your pick.

3. What is the message you’re trying to relay to the world through your work?

The message? Anything that has meaning possesses magic. Art, especially good ones, create an effect on people in a deep level. Art and magic has always been inseparable for eons. Despite what the artsy-fartsy types say, comics is a form of art. Comics and magicks are one. When I draw an inkwork or create a comic, it’s like I’m calling forth worlds and characters from worlds beyond ours. Even if my works don’t create the effect I desire, the ideas get imprinted in people’s consciousness. I want to spread the message and the message is this: Everything is magic. I think it’s about time that people use their kind of magic (even if it’s something mundane such as house gardening or construction working) to add importance to their lives. They become authors of their own fates. Let your bliss guide you.