Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Ideal Afterlife

Egyptian afterlife

You know what's my ideal afterlife? Living on as a benevolent spirit like Obi Wan Kenobi. I'll be one with the universe yet can manifest myself at the same time. More than that, I'll travel throughout different realms within and beyond this universe. Which means, I can freely go to Earth, the Judeo-Christian Heaven, Asgard, Olympus, the Western Lands, the Hindu God Realm, El Randomia, the Jade Empire, Middle Earth, Azeroth, Oz and many more while helping people and fighting evil wherever I go like a wandering cosmic adventurer. Yes, I'd like that.

I have an afterlife plan just in case I kick the bucket. It's a set of instructions for my closest friends and relatives to ensure that I achieve that ideal afterlife. However, I can't post them in this blog because 1) It's very personal and 2) It's not the right time to reveal them. When the signs are right, I'll reveal my instructions to the public.

Cool story bro.

The Saga of Biorn

Here's a hilarious cartoon from Youtube about an old Viking and his quest to enter Valhalla.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

How Liko become Kaotiko

"Kuya Lico, how did you get into chaos magic?" asked the ever inquisitive imaginary children around me.

"Alright fine you brats. Just leave me alone after I tell you this tale of mine" said I.

It was a long, long time ago perhaps back in 1998, I was surfing the internet for more information on magick. Then, I came across information about chaos magic. The first website was dedicated to the use of the Lovecraftian mythos in chaos magic. Unfortunately, I was such a friggin' noob back then and I mistook chaos magic as the invocation of dark deities and unholy forces. Derp derp derp. I sticked to psychism and Bardon Hermetics, totally avoiding the "soul-sucking evil" that is chaos magic.

Behold the horrifying visage of Cthulhu!

Several years later in 2005, I yearned to do something different. My magic got stagnant and I wanted to create my own rituals. The esoteric dogma of the White Brotherhood became unsatisfactory for me.

No, not that White Brotherhood.

... close enough

I researched on chaos magic and this time I looked deeper. In, I became a regular poster in the Chaos Magic section while at the same time studied Phil Hine's Oven-Ready Chaos. Wow, it was not what I thought it was. Chaos magic is freestyle sorcery! Nothing is real and anything is permitted! Anything can be magic as long as it works for you. TYPING IN ALL CAPS MAKES IT TRUE!!! Anyway, I gave it a go and created my first servitor for attracting money.

Fo shizzle mah pizzle!

Surprise, surprise, the Occultforumers enjoyed my creation and swore it worked for them. I created another one. This time for healing.

Winmay the Nurse Pixie

Again, I got positive feedback. It turns out that I have a knack for servitor creation. I wasn't so surprised because I'm a comic book creator. I'm used to creating characters for my comics and creating servitors comes naturally for me. Thus, I realized that I am a capable chaos mage.

And that's where babies come from uh I mean that's how I got into chaos magic. Happy? Entertained? Great now go away.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Less of A Chaote, More of A Sorcerer

These days, I feel more like a Sorcerer than a Chaote. I could've used the term "wizard" but it's a broad term for anyone with a high degree of proficiency in uncommon skills. example: Johnny is a wizard at flash animation. Besides, "sorcerer" brings up images of the type of magicians you see in roleplaying games and tales of high fantasy. Also, it's fun to say the word "sorcerer" in a manner like we're in Middle-Earth. Come on, say it with me. Sorcerer.

They call me... Tim.

What's that you ask? Chaote? It's a short term for "chaos magician". It's rather difficult to define what chaos magic is. You could say that chaos magic is a tradition that is not a tradition. It is a system yet it's not a system. To describe chaos magic makes it less like chaos magic. However, a lot of chaotes can (or could) agree that it's an approach that is extremely practical and pragmatic. Whatever that works, stick to it. Chaotes have no use for namby-pamby dogma (unless dogma is part of the chaote's chosen paradigm) and ancient rituals too complex or too tedious to perform. Chaos magic is anything-goes-magic as long as it works.

Now why did I say that I'm becoming less of a Chaote and more of a sorcerer? You see, chaotes, especially the more hardcore ones, often shift paradigms depending on the situation. For a chaote, belief is a tool. Belief can either make you or break you. Unless it's part of the chaote's paradigm of the day, dogma is a no-no. Dogma can be an ugly thing for a chaote. A really hardcore chaote would go "like, ew! gross!" at the very mention of the word "dogma" as if it's a dirty word. However, I'm beginning to see the value in the use of dogma. I'm not talking about the dogma religious institutions often spout. I'm not talking about archaic doctrines that set us back thousands of years and hinder progress in society. No, I'm talking about what I would like to term constructive dogma. I realized that dogma, when used right, can be productive. You could say that the use of constructive dogma is part of my current paradigm.

Another is reason why I'm becoming less of a Chaote is because I don't shift paradigms often like back then. Too much hassle and it's becoming cumbersome. I'll just stick to my own concept of my personal universe with me as its center. Whatever works, I'll accept it and put it into my personal cosmology. Animal-headed deities from a civilization of long ago? I can accept them. Hot-blooded anime characters? Alrighty then. Magical flying pig from another world? As long as the winged oinker brings me cash, sure why not? Jejemons? No thank you. See? This is constructive dogma at work. To ensure the growth and survivability of my magic, I have to be dogmatic to some degree in order to filter out stuff I feel that I don't need.

Row row row fight the boobies!

In some way, yes I'm still a Chaote but not the hardcore kind. I'm just applying constructive dogma to sort out myself and my sorcery. In fact, I've already chosen a patron deity to add some "order" and He's okay with me invoking other gods even outside His mythos. I'm an extremely eclectic sorcerer with a hint of order. That ain't so bad.

Also, chimichanga!

The Lord of The Waters

Here's my latest rendition of the Crocodile God Sobek. Sobek (or Sebek) is an ancient Egyptian god of fertility, power, abundance and water. He's one of my all-time favorite ancient gods and a patron of mine. Don't let His reptilian appearance intimidate you. As far as I can see, Sobek is a benevolent god. I often invoke Sobek for power, guidance and protection. He hardly lets me down. Also, Sobek is the husband of Hathor the love goddess and Khonsu the moon god known for His healing miracles back in the day. That tells you something.

I wish I could tell you more about He who makes the herbage green but for now look at my latest artwork and read Wikipedia's entry on Him.

UP Fair 2011 Day 5 (The last day)

Finally the last day has come. It was a very jam-packed night and we did a lot of tarot readings. We also sold some merchandise as well. I can say that it was a very successful day for Mysterium.

UP Fair 2011 Day 4

I'm okay! YAY! Here are pictures from Day 4 of the UP Fair 2011.

UP Fair 2011 Day 3

I didn't stay long in the Fair due to a bad cough. I went home earlier than expected. However, after taking powerful medicine and a full night sleep, I'll be sure to make up for it.

UP Fair 2011 Day 2

I am sad to say that it was a combination of moisture and lighting that caused the orbs. It's alright. I'm confident that I will one day take a picture of a full-bodied apparition. Heck a UFO or an extraterrestrial would be even better! Anyway, here are a few more pictures of Day 2.

We also sell tarot boxes and dream catchers so if you're interested, just contact us.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baba Yetu

Inkwork Sorcerer will be on hiatus for a while so that I can focus my energies more on the UP Fair. In the mean time, I'll post interesting videos which may or may not have to do with the occult or paranormal. Here's a great video featuring the very uplifting song Baba Yetu (Our Father) by Christopher Tin. Note: The language is Swahili.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

UP Fair 2011 (Day 1)

Setting up the booth. See that rolled-up sleeping
mat on the right? It's actually a cannon in disguise.
I'm pretty sure Megatron would use something
like it.

I was strangely compelled to take pictures of the surroundings.
Guess what I caught on my camera. Orbs. Lots of them.
I checked the air with a flashlight to check for dust particles.

Actually it's not so surprising to see orbs in the Sunken Garden.
It's one of the most natural places in Metro-Manila. These orbs
are most likely the nature spirits who reside there. They were
probably attracted to the sounds of the fair in the Sunken Garden.

Orb on left: "I'm hungry. Lets get some shawarma."

Here, a trio of intrepid mages successfully summoned a tiny
brontosaurus from the Fifth Dimension with a magical corncob wand.

I don't know what the hell is that mysterious entity with glasses
but I sure hope that he doesn't attend the fair in the next four days.
His sheer awesomeness caused an electrical malfunction
throughout the whole area. Luckily, I caught that handsome devil
on camera to warn everyone. Beware mortals for this creature
might steal your women.

"Guys, I'm calling Corn R Us. We need a new wand."

First shot: nothing

Second shot: "Hey guys, picture-taking! Lets do wacky poses!"

Third shot: They're probably getting shawarma
over at the Persian foodstall.

The Moon. I just want to take a picture of it. That's all.

Some dude.

UPDATE: A fellow Mysterium member pointed out that
it could be particles other than dust that caused the orbs.
Will investigate further tomorrow. I'll try to photograph
without the flash.

Next: Day 2!

Mysterium Philippines in UP Fair 2011

News of great tidings! Mysterium Philippines has a booth in this year's UP Fair in UP Diliman, Quezon city. It starts from 7 pm to 3 am, February 15 - 19. It got carnival rides, games and live band performances. What's Mysterium doing there you ask? We're providing tarot readings, selling merchandise (including my comics The Sorcerer-Cartoonist) and chakra balancing. If you are interested, please drop by. The tickets cost 60 pesos each. We're just located along the wall near the stage.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hathor's Blessings on Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day and to celebrate it, I invoke the Egyptian cow goddess of love and beauty Hathor. Here's a bit of information from the all-knowing sage Wikipedius:

Hathor (ḥwt-ḥr, Egyptian for Horus's enclosure),[1] was an Ancient Egyptian goddess who personified the principles of love, beauty, music, motherhood and joy.[2] She was one of the most important and popular deities throughout the history of Ancient Egypt. Hathor was worshiped by Royalty and common people alike in whose tombs she is depicted as "Mistress of the West" welcoming the dead into the next life.[3] In other roles she was a goddess of music, dance, foreign lands and fertility who helped women in childbirth,[3] as well as the patron goddess of miners.[4]

According to the Book of The Heavenly Cow, the people of Lower Egypt rebelled against the sun god Re who was in human form at that time. Ra knew that the people planned to assassinate Him and so He told His daughter Hathor. Hathor became so angry She became the war goddess Sekhmet and proceeded to slaughter the people. Sekhmet became bloodthirsty and refused to stop massacring when Ra told Her to stop. When Ra tricked Her into drinking wine (disguised as blood), Sekhmet got drunk and transformed back into the gentle Hathor.

It is speculated the the golden calf worshiped by the Hebrews and ordered by the legendary magician Moses to be destroyed was an image of Hathor although it could be a different cow/bull deity from other ancient Middle-eastern cultures. The Ancient Greeks who came to Egypt adore Her and identified Her with their love goddess Aphrodite. Depending on which temple, Hathor is either a consort to Horus the Elder or the wise and knowledgeable Thoth. In the temple Kom-Ombo, Hathor is the wife of the crocodile Sobek and the mother of the moon god Khonsu thus forming what I call the Sobekian Triad.

How they ended up together, I may never know.

So, by the power of Lady Hathor, I send you blessings on this Valentine's Day. Now go and eat your chocolates.