Friday, July 15, 2011

Operation: Divinity Gauntlet

What is Operation: Divinity Gauntlet?

Operation: Divinity Gauntlet is the codename for my magical operation for The Manifestation of Glory.

What is The Manifestation of Glory?

The Manifestation of Glory (or TMOG for short) is a concept and practice originated from the chaos magic group Domus Kaotica. It is a one-year make-over that involves special physical, mental and spiritual training all at the same time. It is a magical “born again” operation that promotes rejuvenation and self-evolution. It is a way to recreate yourself in your own likeness.

How do you do TMOG?

Methods of TMOG vary in individuals but the core idea is that you must go through a special regimen that enhances your mind, body and soul. For example, on the physical side, you could exercise and practice healthy habits. On the mental side, you could read more books and study foreign languages. On the spiritual side, you could meditate and practice energy work. The point is that within one year there must be significant changes in the individual on the path to TMOG. Some discipline and effort are required to ensure success in TMOG.

What are you up to so far?

So far, I’ve been taking longer walks, restricting my eating habits and practicing acupressure plus longer periods of reiki on myself. At the same time, I’m studying various books (especially religious scriptures and classical novels), taking up watercolor painting and practicing certain metaphysical techniques a bit more often.

Also, I'm posting this unrelated video.

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