Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Favorite Supernatural Komiks

Today starts the SANDAANG ARAW ng KOMIKS. For 100 days, I will post anything related to Filipino comics to raise the public awareness about them. Here's a list of my favorite komiks with supernatural themes.

1. Andong Agimat: The goddess Maria Makiling has been kidnapped by the evil forces of Jun Pogi and it's up to the rough and tough Andong Agimat to save her. Wearing his amulet against bullets and accompanied by other heroes, Ando will not stop until he accomplish his goal and redeem himself of his dark past. This gritty fantasy graphic novel is a throwback to old Filipino action movies and it was authored by Arnold Arre.

2. Trese: Trese is a paranormal and occult komik series. When the police encounter cases too weird and baffling to solve, they call Alexandra Trese. Trese is an expert who deals with supernatural cases and fights against the evil. She wields a mystical dagger and is accompanied by supernatural twin brothers called the Kambal. The hit comic series is written by Budjette Tan and drawn by Kajo Baldisimo.

3. Pugad Baby 4: Ang Hiwaga ng Dueñas: Pugad Baboy is a Filipino comic strip that normally deals with satirical humor on Filipino society and the issues of the day. In the fourth compilation, the people of Pugad Baboy go to Dueñas, Iloilo and encounter a wide array of supernatural creatures of Filipino folklore. The comic strip series is authored by Pol Medina Jr.

4. Flash Bomba: Flash Bomba is one of the most unique and interesting superheroes in Filipino comics. For the sake of convenience, here's an excerpt from his Wikipedia entry.:

Flash Bomba was a man who lost the use of his legs in an accident. Because of this, he trained the rest of his body to an incredible level of athletic ability and did everyday stuff using his hands to compensate for the loss of his ability to walk. Eventually he heard a rumour about a "Tikbalang" (a mythological creature with the body of a man and the head of a horse) who would grant powers to anyone who could defeat it in battle. Flash Bomba challenged the Tikbalang - and set a time and place for the battle. He defeated it despite his physical limitations and the Tikbalang granted him superpowers. But as a jest, the Tikbalang gave him powers that made him look awkward. Flash was given the Tikbalang's magic hair, said talisman allowing Flash to transform into his super-powered version - a being with large hands and feet, as well as superhuman powers. Using his new abilities, he became a crimefighter.

Despite his unusual appearance, I honestly think he's a very cool character. His creator was the legendary Mars Ravelo.

5. Salamangkero: Several years when I was still in college, I browsed through issues of Hiwaga Komiks in the magazine rack. One of the serials in Hiwaga is that of a sorcerer who helps the police force. It was simply entitled "Salamangkero". It's a shame that I didn't buy a copy and now I regret it. I thought it was a cool comic. It would be nice if someone has a collection of Hiwaga Komiks featuring Salamangkero so I could borrow them.

So there you have it. For now, these are among my top supernatural komiks. Who knows? Maybe more will come out and I may have to update this list. Til then, toodles. Mabuhay ang komiks!

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