Friday, June 3, 2011

The Cosmically Supreme Adoborrific Ramblings of Chaos (A Kaotic sermon for Filipinos)

Don't get me wrong, a lot of Filipinos are smart to know what is Chaos but I doubt that the average Aling Bebang and Mang Totoy don't know jack about it. Chaos is not just the lack of order and predictability. Nay, it's the state of void and the formless. It is the nothingness. Chaos is a tricky stuff. The more you define Chaos, the less it becomes Chaos. The nothingness definition is probably the least dogmatic I can get.

People should embrace Chaos and accept as part of life. Nothing is certain yet something is certain. Heck, not embracing Chaos and even rejecting it is probably okay. It's not true yet it is true. Too much of something is bad for you and that applies to Chaos. A simple order and razzle-dazzle will tone down the insanity and make it more palatable to the mundanes and robot-minded.

If I must be a robot then I shall be the robot who programs himself. I am a robot who realized the inner power of Chaos. I am a Chaosbot. Ugh, the usual spelling for Chaos is getting boring. I'll just use Khaos or even Kaos in the mean time. I could spell Chaos as alfkebflhrltreknlgdwl*&^*^*^*( but that would be too silly. What am I? An eldritch abomination from the cosmos beyond? Nay, I am a self-programmed Kaosbot. Ugh, must I refer to myself as a robot all the time? I could call myself a spiffy and fashionable Timelord if I want to. Ah such is the beauty of Chaos. Convenient too!

Ramblings of a mad man, you say? Nay, maybe it is the rest of you lot who are mad. Aye, I call you mad because you are bound to what life is instead of what life could be? Hahahaha I sound so Quixotic yet what I said is true. Or is it false? Ah who cares? Whatever works for me could be the absolutely positive DIVINE truth. Take note that I wrote DIVINE in capital letters because 1) It makes it seem powerful and 2) I just feel like it. Anyway, this is the end of my article.

Ahahahahaha, psyche! I will end this article when I feel like it! You fools! You pitiful fools! You are stuck in the mud when you can go for better mud! Wait, what? No that ain't right. Let me try again. You are DIVINE. I am DIVINE. We all are DIVINE! Kaos, Kaos, Kaos are all the round and around the house!


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