Monday, June 27, 2011

Hoodoo To Do

Before I start discussing, let me differentiate the difference between hoodoo and Voodoo. Voodoo is the religion, hoodoo is a magical tradition. I hope that will clear up the confusion.

So far, hoodoo is doing me some good. There's one thing I observed why this African-American folk magic tradition is working so well for me. I notice that every time I make a mojo bag, I get in a trance-like state chaotes and other occultists call gnosis. Gnosis is one important key in magical practice that can make or break the spell. In my mind, I know that I'm not merely mixing herbs and spices. Luckily, I have no problem getting into a sorcerous mood and convincing myself that I'm working magic. When I make the mojo bags, everything else around me seems to cease to be. It's just me and the hoodoo work.

The same goes for I use novenas and recite the Psalms. Unfortunately, I had to stop due to some strange and awkward experience. Luckily, thanks to my chaos magic practice, I was able to infuse the energies of the Psalms with the energies of my own invocations to my patron god Sobek. So far, things are going well with the Sobekian spells I now recite.

So this is my latest update in my hoodoo practice and experimentation. So far, my specialties are mojo bags and (stopped for now) Psalms magic. The next thing you know, I'd be creating zombies. Mwahahahahaha!!!


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