Tuesday, February 15, 2011

UP Fair 2011 (Day 1)

Setting up the booth. See that rolled-up sleeping
mat on the right? It's actually a cannon in disguise.
I'm pretty sure Megatron would use something
like it.

I was strangely compelled to take pictures of the surroundings.
Guess what I caught on my camera. Orbs. Lots of them.
I checked the air with a flashlight to check for dust particles.

Actually it's not so surprising to see orbs in the Sunken Garden.
It's one of the most natural places in Metro-Manila. These orbs
are most likely the nature spirits who reside there. They were
probably attracted to the sounds of the fair in the Sunken Garden.

Orb on left: "I'm hungry. Lets get some shawarma."

Here, a trio of intrepid mages successfully summoned a tiny
brontosaurus from the Fifth Dimension with a magical corncob wand.

I don't know what the hell is that mysterious entity with glasses
but I sure hope that he doesn't attend the fair in the next four days.
His sheer awesomeness caused an electrical malfunction
throughout the whole area. Luckily, I caught that handsome devil
on camera to warn everyone. Beware mortals for this creature
might steal your women.

"Guys, I'm calling Corn R Us. We need a new wand."

First shot: nothing

Second shot: "Hey guys, picture-taking! Lets do wacky poses!"

Third shot: They're probably getting shawarma
over at the Persian foodstall.

The Moon. I just want to take a picture of it. That's all.

Some dude.

UPDATE: A fellow Mysterium member pointed out that
it could be particles other than dust that caused the orbs.
Will investigate further tomorrow. I'll try to photograph
without the flash.

Next: Day 2!

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  1. want magical corn cob wand. xD -evi