Thursday, February 24, 2011

Less of A Chaote, More of A Sorcerer

These days, I feel more like a Sorcerer than a Chaote. I could've used the term "wizard" but it's a broad term for anyone with a high degree of proficiency in uncommon skills. example: Johnny is a wizard at flash animation. Besides, "sorcerer" brings up images of the type of magicians you see in roleplaying games and tales of high fantasy. Also, it's fun to say the word "sorcerer" in a manner like we're in Middle-Earth. Come on, say it with me. Sorcerer.

They call me... Tim.

What's that you ask? Chaote? It's a short term for "chaos magician". It's rather difficult to define what chaos magic is. You could say that chaos magic is a tradition that is not a tradition. It is a system yet it's not a system. To describe chaos magic makes it less like chaos magic. However, a lot of chaotes can (or could) agree that it's an approach that is extremely practical and pragmatic. Whatever that works, stick to it. Chaotes have no use for namby-pamby dogma (unless dogma is part of the chaote's chosen paradigm) and ancient rituals too complex or too tedious to perform. Chaos magic is anything-goes-magic as long as it works.

Now why did I say that I'm becoming less of a Chaote and more of a sorcerer? You see, chaotes, especially the more hardcore ones, often shift paradigms depending on the situation. For a chaote, belief is a tool. Belief can either make you or break you. Unless it's part of the chaote's paradigm of the day, dogma is a no-no. Dogma can be an ugly thing for a chaote. A really hardcore chaote would go "like, ew! gross!" at the very mention of the word "dogma" as if it's a dirty word. However, I'm beginning to see the value in the use of dogma. I'm not talking about the dogma religious institutions often spout. I'm not talking about archaic doctrines that set us back thousands of years and hinder progress in society. No, I'm talking about what I would like to term constructive dogma. I realized that dogma, when used right, can be productive. You could say that the use of constructive dogma is part of my current paradigm.

Another is reason why I'm becoming less of a Chaote is because I don't shift paradigms often like back then. Too much hassle and it's becoming cumbersome. I'll just stick to my own concept of my personal universe with me as its center. Whatever works, I'll accept it and put it into my personal cosmology. Animal-headed deities from a civilization of long ago? I can accept them. Hot-blooded anime characters? Alrighty then. Magical flying pig from another world? As long as the winged oinker brings me cash, sure why not? Jejemons? No thank you. See? This is constructive dogma at work. To ensure the growth and survivability of my magic, I have to be dogmatic to some degree in order to filter out stuff I feel that I don't need.

Row row row fight the boobies!

In some way, yes I'm still a Chaote but not the hardcore kind. I'm just applying constructive dogma to sort out myself and my sorcery. In fact, I've already chosen a patron deity to add some "order" and He's okay with me invoking other gods even outside His mythos. I'm an extremely eclectic sorcerer with a hint of order. That ain't so bad.

Also, chimichanga!

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