Saturday, February 26, 2011

How Liko become Kaotiko

"Kuya Lico, how did you get into chaos magic?" asked the ever inquisitive imaginary children around me.

"Alright fine you brats. Just leave me alone after I tell you this tale of mine" said I.

It was a long, long time ago perhaps back in 1998, I was surfing the internet for more information on magick. Then, I came across information about chaos magic. The first website was dedicated to the use of the Lovecraftian mythos in chaos magic. Unfortunately, I was such a friggin' noob back then and I mistook chaos magic as the invocation of dark deities and unholy forces. Derp derp derp. I sticked to psychism and Bardon Hermetics, totally avoiding the "soul-sucking evil" that is chaos magic.

Behold the horrifying visage of Cthulhu!

Several years later in 2005, I yearned to do something different. My magic got stagnant and I wanted to create my own rituals. The esoteric dogma of the White Brotherhood became unsatisfactory for me.

No, not that White Brotherhood.

... close enough

I researched on chaos magic and this time I looked deeper. In, I became a regular poster in the Chaos Magic section while at the same time studied Phil Hine's Oven-Ready Chaos. Wow, it was not what I thought it was. Chaos magic is freestyle sorcery! Nothing is real and anything is permitted! Anything can be magic as long as it works for you. TYPING IN ALL CAPS MAKES IT TRUE!!! Anyway, I gave it a go and created my first servitor for attracting money.

Fo shizzle mah pizzle!

Surprise, surprise, the Occultforumers enjoyed my creation and swore it worked for them. I created another one. This time for healing.

Winmay the Nurse Pixie

Again, I got positive feedback. It turns out that I have a knack for servitor creation. I wasn't so surprised because I'm a comic book creator. I'm used to creating characters for my comics and creating servitors comes naturally for me. Thus, I realized that I am a capable chaos mage.

And that's where babies come from uh I mean that's how I got into chaos magic. Happy? Entertained? Great now go away.

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